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  • Positivity
  • Respect
  • Independence
  • Diversity
  • Excellence

More Able

At Westfield, we welcome pupils from a wide range of backgrounds and our aim is to deliver equity for all. Children get a positive start to their learning and are encouraged to foster a love of learning throughout their school career through high-level class teaching.

An ethos of high expectations and aspirations is central to providing for our more able learners and we aim to reinforce the school’s core values during intervention sessions. Given our ambition for equity for all, we look to ensure that the more able children are given the opportunity to have their specific needs attended to in bespoke sessions. 

We look to develop the skills required for successful outcomes into the future - curiosity, problem solving, independence, articulation and self-motivation. We look to continue to develop their ability to acquire knowledge and understanding and to broaden their horizons with exposure to a wealth of experiences.