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Fundmental Idea 



The fundamental idea in maths is explained: the principle that we can only add two or more items (or “nouns”) when they are both the same.

Number Bonds



An illustration of the progression of learning number bonds from first exploring with concrete materials to representing the amounts using symbols (digits) and an exploration of the systematic approach to discovering the many possibilities of number bonds to 10.




A demonstration of breaking a number into its component parts to assist in building understanding of abstract subtraction methods.

Mental Calculations



Strategies for learning calculation by starting with concrete materials (base 10 blocks).




Using visual methods and reasoning to figure out more demanding calculations from what we already know in our tables’ knowledge.

Long Division



Exploring strategies to partition numbers and investigating their number bonds to simplify long division. A strategy can involve finding easier number bonds within a larger number in order to divide the larger number more conveniently.

Bar Model 1



An illustration of how to use diagrams with rectangles to find unknown quantities.

Bar Model 2



A further illustration using a word problem to find unknown quantities.