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Westfield Primary School is a member of the EEEA Trust (Engage, Enrich, Excel Academy Trust), having joined in July 2018. The EEEA has a Board of Trustees who act as the Governing Board for all the academy schools. Each school in the academy also has its own governors who sit on the school’s Local Advisory Board. The Local Advisory Boards feed into the overarching Trust Board, and are responsible for governance at the local, school level. These arrangements are intended to ensure high quality, transparent and efficient governance which meets statutory and contractual expectations as well.

At Westfield Primary we have an enthusiastic and engaged Local Advisory Committee, all of whom take a keen interest in the daily workings of the school. As a ‘critical friend’ (eyes on, hands off approach) our governors are invaluable to the school and bring their varied expertise to good effect.

The members of the Local Advisory Committee are appointed for a term of four years. Each term there are two Full Local Advisory Committees (FLACs) which all governors attend, one has a Resources focus and the other a Children & Learning focus. These meetings are closed meetings.

The role of the Local Advisory Committee is a strategic one, considering, monitoring and/ or approving:

* aims and objectives for the school

* statutory policies delegated to the LAC for achieving those aims and objectives

* School Improvement targets for achieving those aims and objectives

* the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives through strategic evaluation

The FLAC meeting with the Resources focus will consider the school budget and discuss income and spending matters. It also has responsibility for the health and safety of the school through regular premises inspections and management of the maintenance programme.

The FLAC meeting with the Children & Learning focus will monitor progress of all pupils’ achievement including the effectiveness of intervention groups and the creative curriculum programme. They will also receive information on, and monitor, the quality of teaching and learning across the school.

Chair of the Local Advisory Committee: Mrs. Alexandra Cooke - Westfield Primary School, Bonsey Lane, Westfield, Woking GU22 9PR.

Governors can be contacted  via the email or school office,

If you feel that you would like to help our school by becoming a Governor do please get in touch with the Chair of the Local Advisory Committee: Mrs. Alexandra Cooke  who can tell you what is involved. Email via:


Category of Governor

Term of office

Appointing Body


Position held

Karyn Hing

Head Teacher



Automatic as Head

Resources and Children & Learning

Head Teacher





School Governing Body


Chair of  Governors




Staff Governor 08/09/20-07/09/24



John Botham Co-opted 09/03/20-08/03/24 School Governing Body FLAC  
Hayley Hewett Co-opted 12/07/21-25/07/25

School Governing  Body


Martha Whitmore



School Governing Body


Vice-Chair of Governors








Governing Body

FLAC          Safeguarding responsibility


Joanna Cunningham Co-opted 06/03/23-05/03/27 School Governing Body


SEND responsibility



Please see the video link below from our Governors: