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Early Help

Westfield Primary's Early Help Assessment Offer 

From time to time, we all go through situations which are difficult to cope with; for instance, managing children’s anxieties or behaviour, bereavement, financial difficulties, mental health or physical health. During these times, we need help and advice and from the right service.  An Early Help Assessment Offer gives parents and carers a framework for finding the right support. 

If you would like some support, our Inclusion Team members are here to help you find the right agency to support you. They will work with you through either completing an Early Help Assessment form with you, signposting you directly to agencies or services that can help or help you directly through school.  

We will look for individual tailored support that best meets the needs of individual situations. 

If you would like support or advice, please contact our Inclusion Leader, by calling our school number or emailing  

In Surrey, there are many different services, organisations and agencies that offer Early Help to families. The Family Information Service (FIS) provide parents and carers with direct access to many of these services. Here is the link to the Family Information Service

And the Family Information Service Directory link  

For more information about Surrey’s Early Help Strategy, please Click here for Surrey's Strategy for Helping Families Early