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Each class has it's own page where you will find the class newsletters and some information about what is happening during the term.  

Keeping in touch

We recognise that we are in a very unique situation for most families, with regards to the education of your children, and that you are being asked to support in very new circumstances!

As a staff, we have organised work for every child that we feel is appropriate to their level and should require minimal input from yourselves.  However, we also know that some of the things we teach are skills that you may be a bit rusty with!!! With this in mind, we have set up class email addresses so that you can contact your child’s teacher should you need any advice, support or further guidance on the work set.

This will also allow the children to continue to have further support if they are anxious about any work set.

The emails are for school work related enquires only. We will only reply during school hours from Monday - Friday – and we cannot guarantee an immediate response.