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Welcome to Butterflies

Dear Parents

This half term our topic is Jungles and we are going to be learning about jungles and different wild animals. We will investigate cross-cultural links and explore differences and similarities between Europe and Asia. We are going to use our imaginations a lot during this topic, pretending we are going on a real jungle adventure. There will also be lots of things you can find out at home about different wild animals using the internet and information books. There are many exciting books that feature wild animals too so we hope you are able to listen to some of the stories we recommend.

Just to offer some clarification, Early Years is taught very differently to the rest of the school, there is a lot of learning through play, alongside the work that we would expect the children to complete with an adult on a daily basis. The work you are getting on a daily basis is 'adult led' work. Each activity will take between 20/30 minutes to complete. 

Once your child has finished their work, they can go on the many different websites we've provided on the learning sheets, to support further learning. Alternatively they can try some of the activities in the learning pack that was uploaded on Monday  which includes other learning areas in the Early Years curriculum like, art and DT, understanding the world and physical development. 

You can also sign up to Twinkle which has an Parents Hub you can access for many more activities and ideas.

Please also remember that your children have their Bug Club login for daily reading.

We have been instructed by school that what we send out on a daily basis is the same for all children and we won't be sending home any additional work for each individual child. We hope you understand and appreciate this.

Many thanks, 

The Reception team


The children have been working very hard on their Phonics and reading, so keep up the good work and aim to hear them read every day! Remember to keep practising blending and segmenting and those tricky words.


The following are some useful links you may want to use to support learning at home: for number facts, money, addition and subtraction for blending and reading real and made-up words other fun, learning games


Mrs Perry