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Art & Design

All children have access to the art curriculum and are encouraged to develop their creative and technical skills to the best of their ability, and take pride in their efforts. Children who show particular talents and greater imaginative and creative abilities will be given more challenging tasks. Some aspects of Art are taught as discrete subjects but cross-curricular links are also emphasised where appropriate.

Each year group have developed their art units of work based on the requirements of the National Curriculum (Sept 2014), the EYFS framework and non-statutory guidance, and in support of the termly topics for each year group. Children are taught in an atmosphere where creativity and experimentation are as important as the end of product.

Pupils will be gradually introduced to a range of materials and techniques including drawing, painting, sculpting and modelling, printing and using textiles, film and photography, graphics, and video and photo-editing software, so that they may be given time to explore the potential and limitations of each. Where appropriate, pupils will be taught specific skills and techniques so that they have a starting point on which to develop their own creativity. Pupils will work from direct observation as well as from memory and imagination. Each art unit of work will begin with a focus on a relevant great artist, craft maker or designer.