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Admissions Procedures 

The EEEA Academy Trust is the admission authority for this school.  To find up to date information about the school's admission arrangements please see the information below.  For details on how to apply, either as part of the normal intake or during the school year,  please use this link to the Surrey County Council website. 

In-Year Admissions

More information on how to apply for an in year place is available on Surrey's website at  and this includes details of which form needs to be completed for which school, along with copies of the forms and guidance notes. Please also see the In-Year Admissions document below.

Our Admissions Information

Children start at Westfield Primary School in the September of the school year in which they will become five. Parents should apply on line through the Surrey County Council website. 

The school arrange reception class tours, and prospective applicants are invited to attend. Before joining our reception class, pupils are invited to take part in an Induction Programme (see under Early Years).

A meeting for new parents is arranged in the summer term, prior to the child starting in September. The class teacher will talk about the organisation and curriculum in the reception class, as well as the induction programme. Parents of new children will also be given the opportunity to meet with the class teacher to share relevant information which will support their child's induction to school. The school accepts applications for pupils to join other year groups, including Year 3, providing places are available.

At Westfield the published admission number is 60 at age 4+ . When there are more applications than there are places available, our policy is to admit the children in the following priority order:

  1. Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children.
  2. Children of Staff at the school. 
  3. Children who will have a sibling at the school.
  4. All other applicants.  

For the majority of Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools, in the event of any category being oversubscribed, home to school will be measured by a straight line from the address point of the pupil's house, as set by Ordnance Survey to the nearest official school gate for pupils to use.

Waiting Lists

Where there are more applicants than places available, waiting lists will operate for each year group according to the over subscription criteria shown for each school,  and without regard to the date the application was received or when a child's name was added to the waiting list.

Children out of their chronological year group

Guidance on the education of children out of their chronological year group can be found by clicking here

For information on admitting summer born children 

Click here