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On Monday 2nd October Year were involved in a Maths workshop run by SATRO. The aim was to build a Mega structure using the materials we had available to us. The SATRO representatives rated the winning structure, below. The winners of the competition will have their structure displayed at our assembly celebrating our maths week on Friday 6th October.

All children were highly engaged and learned to work in a team. Children also had excellent opportunities to develop scientific and mathematical principles about construction. Many children had to utilise their knowledge of geometry when designing and building strong structures that would stand up with support. In addition, there was a great deal of estimating and problem solving demonstrated by all teams.

The children enjoyed it so much here is a year 5 testimonial of the workshop.

“At the workshop, we had to make a mini house out of paper, sellotape, nuts and bolts. I found it fun and interesting and I would definitely do it again. I had six children in my group and there were three adults from a company called SATRO, who had experience in engineering and were helping us. I was the group leader because everyone was listening to my instructions. My group built a small but stable house. At the end, we dismantled our houses and tidied our workspace.” (Westfield Pupil – Year 5).

All had a great morning and the children cannot wait to make their mega-structures again next year. Well done to all that took part!

The year 5 team

Mr Dean and Miss Dyke.