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Weather and Sports Day update

WEATHER update

We are monitoring the hot weather warnings, particularly for activities taking place during 11a.m. - 3 p.m. when the sun is at its strongest and acting accordingly.  This means children may not be outside during lunchtimes and or break times when the sun is too hot.


 Sunblock – We ask all Parents and Carers to ensure their children are protected by using sunblock prior to school, that protects for 5 hours.  In the summer this applies even when you can't see the sun.  Children can become sunburnt when it's cloudy as 80% of UV rays pass through the clouds.  Please could you ensure water bottles and hats are sent to school every day.



Tomorrow is our Juniors Sports day, children are very excited, and we are hoping that we will not need to postpone it.

We have got 6 gazebos to be used as water stations and additional shaded areas. There are also some shaded, cooler areas for spectators in the trees, however we ask that parents come prepared with their own hats and even umbrellas to help shade themselves too!

We are aiming to get the children changed and out as early as possible before the temperatures begin to rise… which means that the start time is likely to be nearer 9.30am, so that we are finished by about 11.30am.  However, if the heat becomes too great Mr. Dean will make the decision to finish the Sports day earlier.

Thank you for your support.