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H G Wells award winner

Congratulations to Adi in year 4 who came 3rd in the above competition. 

Ronald’s Space Adventure by Adi

Ronald is an eight year old boy who lives in a small village with his family in the countryside. He has black glasses and brown hair. One evening, while he was reading in his bed, he suddenly heard a rustling sound just outside. He had no clue what it was.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The next day he went outside, to his back garden, to find out what the sound was. Inside the bush, was a common orange fox .The fox said: “Can you keep a secret?” Ronald was surprised that the fox could talk but reluctantly agreed.

The fox explained to the boy that she was not a fox but an alien from a planet called Supptune. She came to earth to ask for help from him. Ronald agreed to assist the alien whose name is called Supga. She led him to her space ship which is called Slave1. Inside the ship were buttons and levers lights and more. The alien transformed into her normal self, she could shape shift because she is an alien. Supga had three eyes, one leg and four arms and was yellow in colour.


Zoom! The space ship hovered and in a blink of an eye it accelerated and flew past Comets, Mars, Jupiter and many stars including the Sun. They finally arrived at planet Supptune .As soon as they landed on the planet, the Supptians worst enemy Migan comes to their planet to invade .The only weapons that the Supptians have are sticks.

”Follow me “exclaimed Supga leading him to her workshop, she was a scientist .Ronald saw some jet engines, a drill, some screws and many more tools.

”I’ve got an idea” said Ronald

  He grabbed the jet engines, drill and screws and flew out of the workshop borrowing Supga’s jet pack workshop. Ronald flew home and collected his dads bow and arrow. His Dad uses them when he goes hunting in the forest.

Ronald gave the bow and arrows to the alien .The Migans were scared of the pointy arrows so they retreated to the mother ship. Ronald raced towards the mother ship and attached the Jet engine using his screws and the drill. Ronald secretly turned the jet engine on and then the engines started to buzz .The mother ship flew all the way back to Migans home planet and they never returned

The Suptians made a party in honour of Ronald .Every one thanked him and he left Supptune. Supga let Ronald keep her jet pack and remembered him forever.