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Open afternoon for Dads & Grandads

On Friday 22nd January Westfield held an open afternoon for Dads and Grandads and other relations. This gave the Dads and Grandads and all other relations a chance to come in and learn with our wonderful children. Similarly it gave the children a wonderful opportunity to carry out tasks with their family and friends. The turnout of adults was excellent and there was a real buzz around the school. Year 3 and 4 made the Great Wall of Westfield! This was a scaled down model of the real Great Wall of China. The challenge was to create a lifelike replica and see if would stretch the whole way across the hall. Sure enough with all classes combining their efforts the wall ran the entire length of the hall, this was a great team effort. The Reception classes made bridges and boats to help The Gingerbread Man, Years 1 & 2 made Dinosaur habitats, and years 5 & 6 built space ships and rockets.