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  • Creative Curriculum Week

    Published 13/02/19

    The week beginning Monday 4th February, Westfield held their annual Creative Curriculum week. During that time, children had some fantastic opportunities to learn about the Chinese New Year, this year is the Year of the Pig.

    As an engaging start to the week, the Pigfather ( company brought along two of their mini-pigs, Sunny and Mikey, to visit the children. Once the pen was set up and the pigs had their jumpers on, (after all it was rather chilly!), the children were then given a chance to listen to an educational talk. This was followed by a petting session where they could feed, touch and even brush Sunny and Mikey, both of whom were too busy eating!

    All the children noticed how big and strong the animals were, which gave them a first-hand experience of typical pig behaviour.  With the excitement flowing, the children then channelled their enthusiasm into the rest of the week, producing some wonderful creative writing pieces, and beautiful art pictures and paintings, that went on display at our exhibition on the Friday.

    Not only did the children experience Sunny and Mikey, but they also took part in many workshops that we had tailored to their age group. These were based upon previous feedback the teachers had received from pupil voice interviews. We had Chinese Dragon Dance workshops, Calligraphy and Chinese Music workshops that were aimed at specific age ranges and year groups.

    Over the course of the week, the children were assigned tasks for producing the best creative writing and art pieces. In addition, we had a best effort award for a child in each class who achieved a personal best for their efforts. All of these were awarded to the children at the end of the week in a celebration assembly. 17 ‘star writing’ awards were given out and 34 certificates for excellent art work and fantastic effort were also presented to the children.

    At the end of the week, all children had responded saying how much they had enjoyed the week and look forward to next year’s Creative Curriculum Week.

    We would like to thank the Pigfather, who brought Sunny and Mikey, for bringing the week to life and engaging and enthusing the children to produce some excellent writing.

    Also, we would like to thank all of the parents who took the time to come in and observe some of our wonderful art pieces in our exhibition on Friday. The hall had a real buzz about it and we hope you enjoyed coming in to see some of the fantastic learning achieved during the week.






























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  • Book Week 2019

    Published 12/02/19

    It’s that time of year again where we start to look ahead to our annual Book Week. Once again we have an action packed week with author visits, ‘Bringing books to life’ workshops, paired reading and a live performance of ‘Oliver Twist’

    Get Caught reading

    We all know that our children love to read. Again, we have launched our ‘Get caught reading’ competition. We had some fantastic responses last year so we would love to see where the children will get caught reading this year. Please email your entries to the school office or hand your photo to Miss Liddiard or Mrs Lee by Friday 1st March. The winning entry will be chosen on WORLD BOOK DAY on Thursday 7th March.  Here are some of last years entries to inspire you.









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  • Dad's Open Afternoon

    Published 12/02/19

    Thank you to all those that attended the open afternoon. We had an attendance of over 230. It was lovely to see all the hard work going on in the classes.



















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  • Friday Feb 1st - School is open with relaxed entry until 10am.

    Published 01/02/19

    School is open with relaxed entry until 10am.

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  • Winter Weather reminders

    Published 14/11/18

    As the wintery months continue we would like to remind you that in the event that the school needs to be closed due to bad weather conditions, Surrey schools make announcements on Eagle Radio 96.4fm and we will post information on our website. We will also send a text message in the event that the school needs to be closed.

    However, please listen to the radio if you have not heard from us and the weather looks questionable– technology is great when it works, but if there is a problem, we wouldn’t want your child to set off for school. Please ensure the school office has your up to date mobile number.

    Should weather conditions turn cold we ask that:

    Students and parents should be mindful of their journey to school and allow extra time. Bonsey Lane is often treacherous and the pedestrian paths have in the past not been treated by Surrey County Council. So we ask that parents/ carers bringing children to school should walk with extreme caution and avoid driving down Bonsey Lane at all if road conditions become icy. THANK YOU!

    When bringing children to school they may come in wearing alternative sturdy footwear (boots) and warm clothes and should change into dry school footwear/ uniform on arrival

    As always the safety of our children and staff is paramount in any decision to close the school.


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  • Our Remembrance Poppy Cascade

    Published 02/11/18

    The poppies were handmade by every child in the school.                  
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  • Open Evening

    Published 01/11/18

    If required, children who attended the Open Evening on 8th November may have a relaxed entry. They will be required to be in school by 9.30am. 

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  • Poppy Appeal 2018

    Published 29/10/18

    Poppies will be on sale within the school day for your child to purchase.

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  • Usain Bolt Sculpture

    Published 02/10/18

    During Diversity Week, every year group learnt about an inspirational person; Year 6 chose Usain Bolt. Throughout the week the children completed cross  curricular activities surrounding the topic of Usain Bolt. From writing              biographies, making clay Olympic medals, to analysing his race times. The       children felt Usain was an incredibly inspiring role model, who achieved great things. One of his most inspirational quotes is, “I know what I can do, so I never doubt myself.”

    To add to the excitement of the week, an artist, Steve Porter, came into school to help Year 5 and 6 make a sculpture of Usain Bolt. Year 5 spent the day      creating his shape out of chicken wire and paper mache, while Year 6 added layers of coloured tissue paper and paint to complete this magnificent sculpture.


    This incredible piece of artwork is currently sitting centre stage in our lobby for everyone to see.


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  • Book Land (book swap).

    Published 02/10/18

    We look forward to you all coming in and borrowing a book from Book Land. Don’t forget once you have finished reading the book to return it back to the shed so that other children can continued to read and borrow books. It is open at the end of every school day by the year 2 block.

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