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  • Positivity
  • Respect
  • Independence
  • Diversity
  • Excellence

The Westfield Pledge

We have made a commitment that during the course of their seven years at our school, all children will have the opportunity:

  • To plant and grow plants and vegetables.
  • To cook and taste a variety of foods.
  • To visit a theatre, a museum and an art gallery.
  • To learn to play a musical instrument and listen to a music group and a choir
  • To sample a variety of sports and take part in competitions
  • To travel on a bus, a train and a boat
  • To visit the seaside, a river, the countryside, a farm, woodlands, a city , a town and a village.
  • To work on a project with children from other classes and other year groups .
  • To take part in an exchange of ideas and good wishes with pupils from other countries.
  • To visit a church, a mosque and a temple and/or to meet religious leaders and have their questions answered.
  • To take part in events in the local community.
  • To work with a writer, an artist, a musician, a scientist and a sports specialist.
  • To take part in off-site visits or in-school workshops every term.
  • To participate in democratic elections for School Council members and develop junior Citizen skills.