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Welcome to Falcons

We hope that you all had a wonderful break and enjoyed time to relax and have fun.

For Year 6, this will be their final term at primary school and it promises to be a busy and exciting term for them.  The national tests for Y6 (SATS) will take place during the week beginning Monday 14th May.  Between now and then, it is even more important than usual that the children are in school every day and that they are completing their practice questions and reading homework conscientiously.

Following SATS, there will still be writing portfolios to complete and evidence for teacher assessments to collate, so Year 6 will continue to be working hard.  The first Friday after SATs will be he Riyal wedding, so there will be lots of celebration and fun activities.

This term our science topic will be living things and their habitats  where we will learn how to describe how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences. This will also link to our geography through studying the habitats in which certain species live. Understanding physical features and analysing environmental issues.

P.E will be outside this term and it is essential that all children have a P.E kit and suitable footwear for participating in P.E lessons. Please refrain from having your child’s ears pierced until the summer holidays, as they will miss out on a lot of fun activities!

This term will also see the Y6 children participating in the summer production, as well as Bible Explorers and a range of transition workshops preparing for life at secondary school.  The children will have the chance to visit their new secondary schools for move-up day, as well as receiving visits in school from most local secondary schools, who are keen to welcome their new recruits!

We wish all of you a very happy and successful final term at Westfield!

Miss Brokenshire

Mrs Hurford
Miss Brokenshire